Students in Mrs. McLane's Grade 6 ELA class participating in a respectful "Fish Bowl" discussion about which character in the novel, "As Brave as You," changed the most.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Fish Bowl discussion.
Fish Bowl discussion about "As Brave as You."
Students are happy to be at the Middle School Fun Night!
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Games in the gym.
Bingo in the cafeteria.
The HF-L Career Night is up and running this evening at the Middle School. Thank you to all of the community members who have volunteered their time. Also, a special thank you to our counselors who organized this event!
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Student exploring a career.
A student exploring a career with his mother.
Students in Miss Riley's 7th Grade ELA class continuing to read and discuss the novel, Nothing But the Truth.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Grade 7 reading Nothing But the Truth
Mrs. Donatello teaching students about the calendar in 7th Grade French.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Mrs. Donatello teaching about the calender in 7th Grade French.
8th Graders in Mr. Waughtel's Technology class preparing to design their fins for their rocket project.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
8th Grade Tech Class preparing to design fins for rockets.
Red Ribbon Week fun at the Middle School! Each grade level of students challenged their teachers to some spirited volleyball.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Red Ribbon Week Volleyball - Grade 6
Red Ribbon Week Volleyball - Grade 8
Come to our Career Night & Job Fair at the Middle School | Thursday, November 4th from 6-7:30 PM!
about 2 years ago, HFL MS Counseling
The District is joining students, parents, teachers, and other citizens across America in celebrating #RedRibbonWeek, the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation. For more info visit,
about 2 years ago, HF-L CSD
cougar paw with a red ribbon
Today in Mrs. Stetson's Grade 6 Science Class, students were learning about the ratios of different gases that make up the Earth's atmosphere. They also learned what each layer does for us as inhabitants of the planet.
about 2 years ago, HFL MS
Mrs. Stetson's 6th Grade Science Class learning about the layers of our atmosphere.
A 6th grader using NearPod to learn about the Earth's atmosphere.